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Enduro World Series mountain biking event in Samoens

Samoens News and our Articles

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19/05/23 - Le Tour de France 2023 in Samoëns

25/03/23 - E-Bikes - A Perfect Afternoon Out!

20/11/22 - Why Choose Samoens and the Grand Massif?

28/09/22 - Old-School Weather and Snow Forecasting in the Grand Massif

12/06/22 - Lakeside Summer Fun in Samoens

09/04/22 - Can You Ski Into Samoens Village?

20/03/22 - Discover Samoens and the Grand Massif Ski Area

29/01/22 - What's New? - Samoens & the Grand Massif - Winter 2021-22

23/07/21 - The Must-Do Summer Activities and Attractions in Samoens Our top 10 favourite activities in Samoens

18/06/21 - The Grand Cret restaurant, Samoens

27/03/21 - Protecting Our Environment

26/02/21 - Winter Mountain Holidays 2021

07/09/20 - E-Bikes in Samoens

17/02/20 - What's Happening in February & March?

06/12/19 - A Brand New Telecabine for Vercland !

13/11/19 - 5 Unique Things To Do in Samoens & the Grand Massif in Winter

29/09/19 - Ski for Less in the Grand Massif

11/09/19 - Grand Massif Improvements Winter 2019-20

31/07/19 - Free Summer Activities in Samoens, Morillon and Sixt

03/07/19 - Le Brunch de Fifine, at Le Table de Fifine Restaurant in Samoens

26/04/19 - Summer is Coming to Samoens, Morillon & Sixt!

29/03/19 - Samoens' Unique Charm: Cheese....the Most Important Meal of the Day!

09/03/19 - Samoens’ Unique Charm: The Beauty of a Not so Typical Ski Resort

13/02/19 - Fresh tracks in Samoens and the Grand Massif! Animal tracking and try our identification quiz!

20/01/19 - What's Going on in Samoens - your winter holiday guide to fun!

23/12/18 - Mighty Mazots… les coffres-forts de la Haute Savoie !

26/10/18 - Top Tips #3 - Packing for your Ski Holiday in the Grand Massif

22/09/18 - Making the Most of Your Winter Holiday to the Grand Massif

17/08/18 - Exciting Times Ahead: New Developments in the Grand Massif

13/07/18 - Samoens and the Grand Massif, Your #1 Destination BIKE

02/06/18 - Le Cascade de Rouget, Sixt-Fer-a-Cheval

22/05/18 - Spring-time rafting in Samoens

16/04/18 - Samoens and The Grand Massif - bright now and the brighter future

15/01/18 - Samoens - A century of winter wonder. A look at the history of skiing in Samoens and France.

29/12/17 - Top Tips #2 - How to Book Your Holiday Accommodation With Confidence and Avoid Scam Websites.

27/11/17 - The Biggest and Best of Samoens and The Grand Massif

02/11/17 - Alps Accommodation Catches up with Aurélien Ducroz - Double World Ski Freeride Champion

27/10/17 - Discovering the Combe de Coulouvrier - Exploring the exciting improvements in Samoens & Morillon.

04/09/17 - Wine Tasting in Samoens

19/07/17 - Grand Massif ski area improvements for winter 2017/18

07/07/17 - Getting the most from your summer activity holiday in Samoens and the Grand Massif

30/06/17 - What's on this summer in Samoens, Morillon and local area.

26/05/17 - New Coulouvrier chairlift in the Grand Massif underway for winter 2017/18

24/03/17 - Top Tips #1 - Preparing for your winter holiday

13/01/17 - The top ten tips for driving in the snow.

09/11/16 - Lift impovements for winter 2016-17 in Samoens and the Grand Massif

27/07/16 - Le Tour de France comes to Samoens!

27/04/16 - Samoens' great market - a place to meet, shop, its all going on!

18/03/16 - Samoens and the Giffre Valley - It's the locals that make it!

19/02/16 - From Piste to Pub: Apres-Skiing in Samoens and the Grand Massif 

27/11/15 - What is Fat Biking?

07/11/15 - Nick's Our New Rugby Star!

23/10/15 - Samoens, Morillon and the Grand Massif's piste and lift improvements for winter 2015/16

06/08/15 - The Enduro World Series - and mountain biking in Samoens

19/06/14 - The Samoens Trail Tour

18/04/14 - Winter season 2014/15 - going out with a bang!

23/03/14 - Spring-time in Samoens - The best of both worlds!

20/02/14 - Samoens Mountain Restaurant Favourites

18/01/14 - Mmmm for Morillon - Snacking your way around the slopes!

17/12/14 - New faces, new season, new fun! - We're ready to go!

18/10/14 - Piste improvements for Winter 2014/15 in Samoens and Morillon

11/09/14 - Alps Accommodation is 10 Years Old!

20/07/14 - Top trips for a rainy day in Samoëns

09/07/14 - Samoens American Festival - and other exciting summer events!

21/03/14 - Spring has sprung in the Grand Massif - And it's all about the food!

15/02/14 - Holiday fun in Samoens - A few highlights of the upcoming holiday period.

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Take a trip around Samoens on the Septitrain
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Popcorn vintage

16/01/14 - Grand plans in the Grand Massif - The future for the ski area of Samoens and the Grand Massif

21/12/13 - Opening day snow report for Samoens and The Grand Massif - We're up and running!

29/10/13 - Alps Accommodation sponsors French rugby star!

10/10/13 - What's new this winter? - Ski area improvements in Samoens, Morillon and Sixt for season 2013/14

04/10/13 - Winter is Coming! - Wax your skis, here comes winter!

18/09/13 - The changing seasons of Samoens - Autumn is a magical time of year in Samoens

11/09/13 - Rally fever in Samoens - Samoens becomes a race circuit for one weekend only!

30/07/13 - Environment Matters - A summary of the fifth annual Samoens Envirotrek

11/07/13 - When it rains, it rafts in Samoens - The Alps Accommodation team go rafting on The Giffre

02/07/13 - Hidden Gems in Samoens - Geocaching in the Samoens area

25/06/13 - Samoens - Pour les sportifs! - A look back at a great weekend of sporting action in Samoens

10/06/13 - A fun family day out...40 minutes from Samoens

21/03/13 - The Tandem Ski Test in Samoens

26/02/13 - The Beginners Guide to Skiing in Samoens, Morillon, Flaine and The Grand Massif

05/02/13 - Samoens - not just for skiing.

10/01/13 - Samoens and the Grand Massif in January.

26/10/12 - Samoens and the Grand Massif ski lift and piste improvements during the summer 2012.

29/08/12 - September in Samoens, Morillon and the Grand Massif.  What to do in the Autumn, activities and more..

08/08/12 - Summer holiday in Samoens - details on what is going on in the summer in Samoens

31/07/12 - Fireworks tomorrow night celebrating the Fete de lac in Samoens.  Preceeded by wine tasting of the region of the Haute Savoie in Samoens centre - it doesn't get better than that!  Thursday sees the tennis club of Samoens organising an open tennis tournament for all to enjoy.

12/07/12 - Festival Les Pépites gets underway tonight in Samoens.

Samoens News for Winter 2010/11

New snow cannons: great snow guaranteed this winter! 230 new snow cannons will be installed on the Grand Massif slopes for the winter season, and 50 new ones on the Samoëns ski area! So this winter, you'll be sure to ski in the great conditions until spring!

Samoens News for Winter 2009/10

January 24th 2010 - Festi'Nordic is a whole day of fun and entertainment, and a free introduction to all the winter sports available in the Upper Giffre Valley. They include cross-country skiing, ski joëring with dogs or horses, a biathlon with rifle shooting and archery, Nordic walking, snowshoes, dog sleds for the younger children etc. This is an opportunity to try out all kinds of winter sports! There is also entertainment with stands to increase people's awareness of the need for environmental protection and show off the local flora and fauna, treasure hunts, igloo building, avalanche searches, tests and the loan of equipment. This winter in particular Festi'Nordic will have an intercommunal air about it because the resorts of Sixt-Fer à Cheval, Morillon, Verchaix and Samoëns have joined together to provide a range of cross-country activities and promote a superb place in which to enjoy them - the Upper Giffre Valley. This year, be sure not to miss a chance to descend the Fer à Cheval.

December 2009 -  The village square will be filled with activities this Christmas and decorated in a fairytale style. The village has chosen the theme of "Fire and Ice" for this year's Christmas season. Stone will be central to the event and will form the link between the end-of-year festivities so that everybody can join in the dazzling, light-filled celebrations marking the 350th anniversary of the Society of Masons.

October 2009 - The Chariande Express is finished and ready to go!

September 2009 - The pilons of the new Chariande Express have been erected.

December 2009 - Replacement of the Molliets chairlift by a new “high speed” detachable 6-seater chairlift, which will be capable of carrying up to 3000 people per hour.
3/6/09 - Work has started on the new 6 seater high speed chair lift from Samoens 1600 to the top of the ski area 'Tete de Saix'.  Fantastic news meaning that you can reach the top of the Samoens area and connect to Flaine in just 6 minutes.

Samoens News for Summer 2009

The main Grand Massif Telecabine in Samoens will be open this summer for July and August.  This is the first year of summer opening with lots of new mountain biking routes and walking paths being built as we speak!  This together with the open lifts in Sixt, Flaine, Morillon and Les Carroz will mean that more of the mountain is easily accessible for all kinds of mountain activities.

Samoens News for Winter 2008/9

If the 265km of piste and 80 lifts are not enough, we've some exciting news for you.  It's wide, it's long and its bump free, ideal for intermediates and experts alike, we can't wait to try it this new run!  Snaking its way from the top of Tete de Saix, avoiding the bottle necks, this new Samoens run really is great news.

Some new and long awaited restaurants are ready to welcome you.  We have even been promised some apres ski at a new bar restaurant at the top of Samoens Grand Massif Express, so for those who like dancing in their ski boots, the time has come.  At the bottom of the "Goulies" lift half way down the blue "Dahu" run is a new sun drenched terrace restaurant, conveniently placed for a vin chaud, while watching experts tackle the challenging blacks.

Morillon have finally said a very sad farewell to the "tunnel", as much fun as it was, the revamp creates a far better connection on the Perce Neige run.  They have cleverly flattened and redirected the piste, so no more poling along that flat area thank you!

Flaine are still investing heavily into their lift network, with the upgrade of more of it's drag lifts and they are even giving the famous yoghurt pots a bit of an over haul.

The Best Resort in Europe - Officially!

Samoens has just been declared winner of the Best Small Resort (Europe) by the prestigious Hardy's Skiing and Snowboarding Guide 2009. Resorts are judged by a panel of experts including the authors of the Guide, Peter and Felice Hardy. The award also takes into account readers' nominations, so it is a true reflection of popularity.