Summer in Samoens and Morillon

Samoëns and Morillon in Summer

The Alps are renowned across the globe as a world-class skiing destination, but what about the other 7 months of the year?

Many people are surprised by just how impressive the summer season is, particularly in Samoëns and the Haut-Giffre Valley. Weather to match a beach holiday, unparalleled natural beauty, wide open spaces, fresh air, endless activities, events and attractions, a bustling village. In fact, the most common response to a first Alpine summer holiday is “two weeks isn’t enough time to do it all!”.

The true advantage of the summer season is its versatility – whether you’re looking for action and adventure, ultimate relaxation, or something in between, you’ll find it in an Alpine summer holiday, surrounded by stunningly beautiful scenery.

For us the summer is the undisputed best season of the year!

Activities and Adventures

If you’re looking for action and adventure, no matter how big or small, then the Samoëns and the Haut-Giffre valley is your dream playground. A glacial river, towering peaks, a stunning national park, a great lift network, numerous mountains refuges and lakes, all the elements required for adventure! From leisurely riverside walks and bike rides, to all day hikes, white water rafting, parapenting, road cycling, mountain biking, rock climbing, fishing, the list is genuinely endless!

An undoubted highlight is a trip to the Cirque du Fer a Cheval, situated just ten minutes’ drive from the beautiful village of Sixt. At certain times in the season up to 30 waterfalls can be seen tumbling down the 1000m high cliffs in this spectacular nature reserve, which offers a range of hiking for all ages and abilities. Be it a gentle, flat circuit along the valley floor, a steep ascent to a refuge with breathtaking views over the entire Cirque, or a multi-day hike to a glacier, the Cirque offers something for everyone. There are of course a number of other great hiking locations in the valley

Visit our Summer Activities page.

Relaxation and Events

The warmer weather brings with it a life and energy different to that of the winter season. The streets of Samoëns in particular are a hive of activity. Stroll through the beautiful, medieval centre and experience firsthand its buzzing atmosphere. Duck in to one of the numerous boutique shops and get chatting with the locals, or enjoy a refreshing drink or lunch on the sunny terrace of one of the many bars, cafes and restaurants overlooking the medieval church and majestic Criou mountain.

Enjoy the weekly market, or some of the many events organised throughout summer such as music concerts, art exhibitions, festivals, and top-level sporting events.

Use the summer bus to visit the fabulous sites of the valley. Enjoy wonderful views of Mont Blanc from the Col de Joux plane, cool off at the enormous Cascade du Rouget, how about lunch beneath the towering cliffs and waterfalls of the Cirque-du-Fer-à-Cheval, or a refreshing dip in one of Samoëns beautiful lakes.

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Samoens Hiking

The Ski Lifts

No summer visit would be complete without a trip on a ski lift! Open during the summer months, the lifts of the Grand Massif offer quick and easy access to the mountain tops. Perfect for taking in the views, picnics, hikes, and many other sports. Lifts are open throughout the Grand Massif network providing numerous options for adventure, particularly for bikers.

Find out the summer lift opening dates.

Family Fun

The lakes of Samoëns and Morillon and are an undoubted family favourite in the summer months. At either enjoy life guarded swimming area, lakeside bar/restaurants, large grassy areas for games, tree top adventure parks, golf, pony rides, tennis, football, pump track and so much more. Located next to the lakes in Samoëns, the outdoor pool is another favourite with slides, multiple pools and a restaurant.

Many sporting activities are perfectly suited to children, with great walking and biking options, either on the valley floor, up on the Col de Joux Plane, or at the Cirque-du-Fer-à-Cheval.

Daily events and entertainment is organised specifically for children and families around the villages, and valley.

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Still not sure about summer in the Alps? Watch our 'Summer in Samoëns' video for a small taste of what awaits!

The Summer Alpine Climate

In stark contrast to the winter, the Alpine climate in summer is generally warm and dry with daytime temperature often reaching 25-30oC or higher. Perfect for relaxing by Samoens outdoor swimming pool or enjoying a cool beer on a sunny terrace, but also not too hot for those wishing to explore the local mountain environment. An advantage of our mountain environment is cooler evening temperatures meaning late evening dining and sleeping both usually remain comfortable!

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Current Weather

Spring and Autumn

Often overlooked, the spring and autumn offer a dazzling display of vibrant colour! They both offer many of the same activities as summer but with a slightly more laid-back vibe, perfect for those looking for quiet stay. The autumn is a particularly good time for hikers, with slightly cooler temperatures and snow free mountains ideal for big adventures.

Visit our Spring and Autumn page.

By booking through Alps Accommodation you’ll also be eligible for a number of savings and in-resort discounts. Check out our In-Resort Savings page, which details how much our guests can save by staying with us during the summer.


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