Spring and Autumn in the Alps

If winter and summer holidays aren’t enough to quench your thirst for Samoëns and the Grand Massif, then what about a spring or autumn stay? We think these are some of the best months of the year, and we think you should give it a try!

There are many benefits to the off-season periods, in particular:

Cheaper accommodation
Maximum flexibility
Cheaper flights/travel
Quieter mountains

What to expect – The Villages

Unlike many alpine resorts, Samoens doesn’t close down outside of the peak season. It has a year-round population which means life carries on as normal, albeit at a slightly more leisurely pace! Shops, bars, restaurants and weekly markets all remain open. You may find some have shortened opening hours, and a few extra days off in the off-season, but a great selection remain available.

The autumn plays host to several local festivals, a motorsport event, and a wellness festival. See our events page for more info.

What to expect – Spring

Almost 2 vertical kilometres separate the villages of Samoens and Morillon from the highest point of Grand Massif ski area. Come springtime, this means vastly different landscapes with pristine white mountains up high, and a lush green valley floor, warm temperatures and BBQs!

The alpine pastures are at their vivid best in spring with beautiful flowers, green grass, white snow-capped peaks, and blue sky making for some of the most staggering scenery. The numerous waterfalls, rivers and streams, fuelled by spring snow melt, are at their tumbling, furious best.

In general, the traditional summer activities are often available before the ski season even ends. Hiking, mountain biking, road biking, parapenting, and rafting to name just a few. In fact, the snow melt of May and June often provides the best rafting conditions of the entire year. Bike rental is available throughout spring. The valley floor hiking trails, and the south facing slopes generally clear of snow quickly. The lakes of Samoens and Morillon, and their beautiful surroundings, are there to be enjoyed for picnics, games and stunning views.

What to expect – Autumn

In many ways, the autumn is very similar to spring. Predominantly snow-free mountains, slightly cooler temperatures, and less risk of afternoon storms mean it’s by far best time of year for hiking, particularly those aiming for the higher peaks. Many refuges remain open until the end of September and into October for lunches and overnight stays. Many the other activities remain available into October.

For nature lovers, the stunning golden colours of autumn, with the snow-capped peaks and vivid blue sky is unforgettable. Throw in one of the many autumn sunsets, and it truly is one of the most spectacular seasons! The quieter mountains of autumn provide your best chance to spot wildlife, including marmottes, ibex, chamois and several different eagles.

Cirque Du Fer A Cheval
Spring In Samoens

Alps Accommodation are now offering flexible arrival days for May, June, September and October, which means it’s now even easier for you to arrange your spring or autumn trip to the Alps.

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