Ski And Snowboard Rental 2

Ski and Snowboard Equipment Hire

Ski Rental in Samoëns

Guests who book via the online link below receive a 20% discount at our preferred ski hire shop, Ski Service Roland Gay, located in the main square opposite the entrance to the church in Samoens. When hiring your equipment please state you have booked your chalet or apartment via Alps Accommodation.  The shop is open 7 days per week including bank holidays, from 8.00am-12.30pm, 2pm-7.30pm. We strongly recommend pre-booking your skis in advance at The prices on the site include the 20% discount and we choose this shop to partner with as they are the only supplier to have the heated ski lockers on the piste close to the top of the main Grand Massif Express coming up from Samoens village (details below).

Ski Rental at Samoens 1600

Roland Gay Ski Service also has a second shop at Samoens 1600 where you leave your skis overnight free of charge (not heated lockers) or have repairs/replacements without having to come back down to the village.  This shop is the easiest to hire from if you are staying in Vercland, as it is located at the top of the Vercland Telecabine (Le Saix).

6 Day Rental (2022-23)


Skis/board and boots -







83.20 €

120.80 €

146.40 €

164 €

216 €



42.40-83.20 €




Boots Only

40.80 €

40.80 €

40.80 €

40.80 €

40.80 €

Ski Only

61.60 €

86.40 €

 110.40 €

126.40 €

177.60 €

Snowboard Only


86.40 €

110.40 €



Ski Locker Rental

Guests renting equipment via Ski Service Roland Gay have access to ski lockers in various locations:

2 x heated lockers at Samoens 1600

  • 1 locker at the top of the Grand Massif Express Telecabine - located near the nursery pistes and next to the gondola top station
  • 1 locker at the top of the Vercland Telecabine - located near the telecabine top station and the Ski Service Roland Gay shop at Samoens 1600

1 x heated locker in Samoens village - located in the Grand Massif Express car park

1 x free locker at Samoens 1600 - located in the Grand Massif Express car park

These lockers can be reserved online when reserving ski/snowboard equipment and discounted prices are available for Alps Accommodation clients - €25/€40 for 3/5 pairs of skis/snowboards (reduced from €40/€60).

Ski Service Roland Gay also have a shop located opposite the Grand Massif Express gondola which is also particularly convenient for our properties located close to the lift.

Xtreme Glisses, Samoëns

Particularly convenient for guests staying in Pas au Loup apartments, located opposite this shop. Guests receive an 15-35% discount (depending on rental date) with Xtreme Glisses which is opposite the Grand Massif Express. To receive this discount you must order online using the code VIP23. A discount of 15% is available to guests without an advance order, but we do recommend pre-booking online. Xtreme Glisses also offer a home delivery service and you can leave your skis and boots (on dryer racks) in the shop overnight free of charge.

Ski Rental in Morillon, Morillon 1100 and La Rivière-Enverse

SKISET, Morillon 1100 Les Esserts

For guests staying in Morillon village or Morillon 1100 Les Esserts, we have a 15-20% discount arranged with Skiset at Morillon 1100 where you can leave your skis in the shop overnight.  They prefer you to pre-book your equipment. To do this, please send an email to stating that you have booked your accommodation via Alps Accommodation. Alternatively you can call their office on 0033 (0)4 50 90 71 42 and ask for Baptiste, who speaks English. You can also hire from them when you arrive, or make amends to your booking if previously booked online. Please remember to mention Alps Accommodation to receive your discount when collecting your skis, even if you have booked online.

ROL Sports, Morillon village

We also have a 10-15% discount arranged with ROL Sports, a family run shop located in Morillon village close to the base station of the Telecabine. Equipment can be stored in the shop each night. Reservations can be made online via their website. Mention you are staying with Alps Accommodation to receive your discount.