Discounted Grand Massif and Samoëns' Ski Lift Passes

The Grand Massif ski area is divided up into several domains, with a variety of list pass options available to cover these different domains.

Grand Massif lift pass - Unlimited access to all areas - Samoëns, Morillon, Sixt, Les Carroz, Flaine
Vill4ges lift pass - Samoëns, Morillon, Sixt, Les Carroz, Vernant bowl only.
Sixt list pass - Sixt only.
Debutant lift pass - Samoëns, Morillon, Les Carroz, Flaine nursery slope areas only.

Guests who book via the Alps Accommodation website receive a discount of up to 20% off Grand Massif ski passes booked in resort during most weeks of the season. ORDER EARLY FOR MAXIMUM DISCOUNT - see below. Better still they are delivered to your property for your arrival! This saves you time and money, as often there can be queues when buying your lift pass from the bottom of the lifts. 

Alps Accommodation Guest Ski Pass Discount - 6 Day Passes

There are different discount bands available depending on when you order your passes and the dates of your stay. Order early for the maximum discount! 

Order & payment received 12 days or more from first day skiing = 10-20% discount off in-resort prices
Order & payment received 3-11 days from first day skiing = 5% discount off in-resort prices
2 or fewer days before the first day of skiing = sorry we are unable to provide passes

These offers are exclusively available on Grand Massif passes of 6 consecutive days for adults or children having booked with Alps Accommodation, excluding peak weeks. Please see details of the discounted weekly prices below. Additionally, you must add € 2 per ski card (non refundable but reusable) to these prices shown. If you want added insurance you must take your pass to the ski pass office in Morillon or Samoëns and pay for the additional insurance before activating the card. For more information see here.

Please note, for season 2023/24, Children aged 7 and under and adults aged 75 and over ski for free (excluding 2€ for the ski card).  Please visit the lift office with ID for the skier to collect the ski pass.  There is also no longer a Senior ski pass.

Ski Passes Ordered and Paid for 12 Days or More Before Arrival - 10-20% Discount

Full price passes if purchased at the ski lift office in-resort for 6 days are €345 for adults, and €276 for children.  If 6 day lift passes are ordered and payment is received by Alps Accommodation 12 or more days before the first day of skiing the following discounts apply:

6 Day Grand Massif Lift Pass (2023/24)
Ordered & payment received 12 days or more before the first day skiing

 Normal (Adults   
16-74 years)

Reduced (Children
8-15 years)

6 day pass - 20% discount off in-resort price
13/01/24 - 02/02/24
16/03/24 - 12/04/24

€ 276

€ 221

6 day pass - 10% discount off in-resort price 
06/01/24 - 12/01/24
03/02/24 - 09/02/24
09/03/24 - 15/03/24

€ 311

€ 249

16/12/23 - 05/01/24
10/02/24 - 08/03/24

Sorry, we are not able to provide passes for these weeks.

Sorry, we are not able to provide passes for these weeks.

3/4/5 Day Passes - 10% discount

All 3, 4 or 5 day passes ordered and paid for at least 12 days before the first day of skiing are entitled to a 10% discount off the in-resort price, except for the 16/12/23 to 05/01/24 and the 10/02/24 to 08/03/24. These passes will also be delivered to your property before your arrival.

Ski Passes Ordered and Paid for 3-11 Days Before Arrival - 5% Discount

If lift passes for 3, 4, 5, or 6 consecutive days are ordered and payment is received 3-11 days before the first day of skiing a 5% discount applies:

Grand Massif lift pass (2023/24)
Ordered & payment received 3-11 days before the first day skiing

Normal (Adults
16-74 years)

Reduced (Children
8-15 years)

6 day pass - 5% discount :
06/01/24 – 02/02/24
09/03/24 – 12/04/24

€ 328

€ 262

5 day pass - 5% discount :
06/01/24 – 02/02/24
09/03/24 – 12/04/24

€ 273

€ 219

4 day pass - 5% discount :
06/01/24 – 02/02/24
09/03/24 – 12/04/24

€ 219

€ 175

3 day pass - 5% discount :
06/01/24 – 02/02/24
09/03/24 – 12/04/24

€ 164

€ 131

How to Order:

New Accommodation Reservations

Please add the passes to your booking when booking your property. They are then paid for when paying the final balance of the property. Additional passes can be ordered at any time up until 3 days before arrival.

Existing Accommodation Reservations

If you have already reserved your accommodation and wish to add or change the ski passes, please email: with the number of adult and/or child passes required and your booking reference number at least 3 days before arrival.  We will send you a link for the payment according to the above table's arrival dates and available discounts. 

Other Ski Passes Available Purchased Directly with the Ski Pass Office

Vill4ges Pass

If you don't require a full Grand Massif pass, there are other options available as shown below. Unfortunately we are not able to offer discounts on these passes, and they must be purchased directly from the Grand Massif ticket offices, or in advance for best discounts online.

Vill4ges (2022/23)

Normal (Adults   
16-74 years)

Reduced (Children
8-15 years)

4 consecutive hours

€ 43.40

€ 34.70

Full day pass

€ 48.20

€ 38.60

6 day pass

€ 289.20

€ 231.60

Beginners area (1 day Samoëns)

€ 27.80

€ 22.20

Beginners area (1 day Morillon)

€ 21.00

€ 16.80

Sixt Only (2022/23)


Full day pass

€ 13.30

€ 11.30

6 day pass

€ 67.80

€ 57.60


Stunning Views
Perfect Pistes In The Grand Massif

Useful important information to read before purchasing ski passes through Alps Accommodation

Photos are not currently required for lift passes. All passes require a €2 hands free ski-card which is not refundable, but reusable and not included in the above prices. Passes are free for children under 8 and seniors 75 and over, however proof of age will be required for all reduced price passes. These passes must be obtained directly from the lift office. Optional insurance - add approximately €3 per day and per person by taking your pass to one of the ticket offices (Alps Accommodation are not able to provide insurance).

Foot passengers can enjoy meeting friends, visiting restaurants, tobogganing, snow shoeing, or simply enjoying the views for approx € 9 up and down once (Aller/Retour). Pedestrian passes can be purchased at any ticket office.

In the unlikely event that the full ski area or links to other parts of the Grand Massif are closed due to bad weather or other unforeseen closures and skiing is limited or not possible, partial refunds cannot be offered on discounted ski passes due to restrictions imposed by GMDS.  For such situations or for injury and the inability to ski after purchasing discounted ski passes, Alps Accommodation recommends you have the appropriate travel insurance to cover such events. If you do not have travel insurance that covers your ski passes, you are able to purchase ski insurance by taking your Alps Accommodation purchased ski cards to the kiosk at the bottom of the main ski lifts in Samoëns and Morillon, before using them. You can then purchase the additional insurance directly with the lift company GMDS. For information on the insurance available, please see  

Cancellations of Pre-Purchased Ski Passes

Alps Accommodation recommends that your own travel Insurance policy covers cancellations of your ski passes. However:

1. If the lift company, GMDS, are forced to close the ski area due to a pandemic, then a full refund of all pre-purchased ski passes will be offered. 

2. If you cancel your stay for any reason after purchasing ski passes or you are not able to travel due to a pandemic, Alps Accommodation is only able to offer a refund up until 7 days before the first ski day of the passes, due to restrictions imposed by GMDS. 

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