Chariande Express Samoens

Protecting Our Environment

The environment is at the heart of everything we love about Samoëns, the Grand Massif and the Haute Giffre valley. As an unspoiled area of natural beauty, it brings so much joy and happiness to us and the people who visit it. We care deeply about protecting it, the stunning Alps, and our planet as a whole.

What are we doing?

You Book, We Donate, over 2000 Trees Planted

Back at the beginning of 2020 we partnered with One Tree Planted and made a commitment to plant one tree for every booking we receive. We’re delighted to say that we’ve already planted over 2000 trees (March 2022) around the world and plan to plant thousands more with your help!


The Alps Accommodation vehicles has been given an environmentally friendly update replacing our diesel powered vehicle with a fully electric car. And we’ve been thoroughly impressed with its performance! The team now work from home where possible to eliminate unnecessary travel and walk or bike wherever we can.


Our office, and several rental chalets, are powered by a green energy supplier who provides 100% renewable energy. To further reduce our impact, the office is now 100% waste free. We are continually reviewing our daily habits and processes to see if there is any further reductions possible in our carbon footprint.

What are our property owners doing?

An increasing number of our chalets are powered by 100% renewable energy. Additionally, the vast majority of our properties are either newly built, or renovated to a high standard, with excellent quality insulation and windows to limit heat loss. Some of our properties have additional systems in place which we've outlined below:


Geothermal heating - A heating system which takes advantage of warmth stored in the ground and exists in two variations - vertical and horizontal. In a horizontal system, pipes are laid around 2m deep over a larger area such as a garden or lawn. A vertical system takes advantage of even higher temperatures found much deeper underground with pipes descending up to 150m deep! This network of pipes then absorbs the heat which is transferred into the property resulting in a lovely warm chalet! These same systems can often be reversed to provide cooling during the hot summer months.
Solar Panels - Generally mounted to the roof of the properties and used to generate electricity, and often hot water too.
Rain water & grey water collection - Rain water and/or grey water is collected, treated, and then used for toilet flushing, watering gardens etc which significantly reduces water consumption.

Chalet Falcon - Vertical geothermal heating, rain water & grey water collection system, super thick 170mm roofing insulation.

Chalet Sole Mio - Vertical geothermal heating.

Chalet Toubkal - Electricity provided by 18 solar panels

Chalet Moccand, Chalet Gentian and several other chalets in the planning now have EV chargers to encourage EV drivers.

What can you do?

Before you arrive

Air travel is one of the most popular ways of reaching us here in the Alps but there are viable, and more sustainable alternatives which you should consider. Train travel from Europe or the UK to the Alps can be a realistic alternative to air travel, and can compare favourably in terms of cost, time and stress! Our nearest train station is in Cluses, with a short bus/taxi journey to Samoens, while we can help you find a ‘car-free’ property in resort. For more information on travelling by train, visit

The significant recent improvements in electric vehicles, and the charging station network, have made travelling longer distances a realistic possibility. Samoens currently has two charging points in the village centre. If driving in Summer, we'd highly recommend bringing bikes which are not only fun and eco-friendly, they are perfect for exploring our valley. Plus check out our 'Electric Vehicle Friendly' properties.

If you are flying, every kilo counts! Consider bringing only the essential items to reduce excess weight. 

To calculate the most efficient mode of transport for you, provide a useful calculator.

Tip! Save on plastic waste by packing a reusable water bottle for the journey, and for adventures once you arrive.

In Resort

Once you arrive in resort, here are a few suggestions for you to consider:-    

  • When leaving the property – please close windows, lower heating, turn off lights & appliances.
  • Please keep external doors closed.
  • If a room is too hot, please lower the heating rather than opening a window.
  • Please turn off towel radiators and boot warmers when not in use.
  • If using a log fire, please lower the heating.
  • Try to limit firewood usage by closing fire vents to create a more efficient burn.
  • Please close window shutters/curtains at night to reduce heat loss.
  • Please replace hot tub covers immediately after each use.
  • Please ensure dishwasher/washing machine are full before each cycle and use the ‘eco’ mode where possible.
  • Please use a clothes drying rack rather than a tumble dryer, where possible.
  • Please turn off appliances rather than leave them in standby mode.
  • Try to reduce water consumption during showers/baths.
  • Please use recycling points marked in the welcome folder.
  • Try to reduce food waste.
  • Please set aside unused linen and alert the property manager.
  • Please use the free ski bus and carpool where possible.
  • Please leave no trace – don’t drop litter around town/mountains and take care to respect nature and the wildlife.
  • Buy local or French produce where possible when in resort.
  • Book with Alps Accommodation and together we'll plant a tree!

What is the Grand Massif ski area doing?

The Grand Massif's target is to be Carbon net zero by 203 - more details. They have also became the first ski resort to be awarded Green Globe certification for its efforts towards environmental practices. This certification requires businesses to show a long term commitment to criteria such as sustainable management, using local supply chains, and protection of the environment. The Grand Massif has also created its “Origine Grand Massif” scheme which aims to promote quality local produce.