Disabled Skiing (Handiski) in the Grand Massif

The Samoens Handi-Glisse Association can help you organise your holiday by providing assistance with activities, especially ski tuition from 5 qualified instructors. They can also offer free loan of equipment including:

1 FMS / 3 monoskis / 3 tandemskis(wheelchairs) / 2 dual skis / 2 kart ski / 1 slider walker / 1 ice toboggan / 1 toboggan for cross-country skiing

Enjoy a range of special advantages:

• 22 disabled-access ski lifts in the Grand Massif • 8 places for the disabled on the Grand Massif Express • Equipment storage at Samoens 1600 • Concessions on Grand Massif passes

Contact Samoens Handi-Glisse:
Tel 0033 (0)6 80 66 55 60

Alternatively please contact ZigZag ski school who have great experience in all areas of special needs skiing.

Please read our Tandem Ski Test in Samoens article about the latest in tandem ski equipment.