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Samoens Lake
Spectacular flowers behind the Mairie de Samoens
Autumn Colours
Spring hike up to the Chalets de Sales Haut Giffre

Spring and Autumn in the Alps

If a summer or winter holiday isn’t enough then why not book through us for the spring or autumn? Unlike many mountain resorts in the French Alps, Samoens and Morillon still operate as a year round destination, due to large community that reside here all year. The shops remain open year round, the excellent weekly markets continue, and the vast majority of bars and restaurants operate throughout the quieter months too. Likewise, various leisure facilities remain open, which means there is never a shortage of fun activities to be found.

Les Aventuriers du Lac at Lac Bleu in Morillon opens its doors for business before the winter revellers have even had a chance to hang up their skis and boards for the season. This exciting climbing and high ropes adventure park caters to all levels of abilities, so get climbing and bring out the adventurer in you!

Rafting and other river sports generally start quite early in the spring too. In fact, from the moment the snows begin to melt there is white-water fun to be had. Alps Accommodation recommends Ecolorado, Atypik and Nunayak for all your rafting needs.

Hiking is yet another activity that can be enjoyed year round. In fact, the spring and autumn months are probably the best times of year to experience the true beauty of the mountains. The trails are always quiet, which is perfect for viewing wildlife. In spring, marmottes dash about playfully, happy to see the return of the sun and with it lush pasture. You are also more likely to cross Chamois and Ibex on the trails, so be sure to have your camera ready and catch the perfect shot of these majestic creatures. Just as animals are enticed out of hiding as the snow begins to melt, so too do flowers begin to emerge. Spring blossoms transform the mountainside and valleys below into a vast array of colour.

If colours are your thing, then you do not want to miss the opportunity to experience autumn in the Alps. The transition from the warm summer months to the cold of winter makes for a glorious sight here in the Giffre valley. The mountain, once blanketed in green, slowly fades to yellow, then golden, burnt orange and deep brown. The crisp clear days often begin in a shroud of mist; rays of light only breaking through as the sun slowly climbs into the sky. Even when the misty veil won’t shift it is beautiful – like an element of magic has been added to our mountainous surrounds. Imagine kicking back in your cosy, alpine chalet or apartment and just breathing it in.

Alps Accommodation are now offering flexible arrival days for May, June, September and October, which means it’s now even easier for you to arrange your spring or autumn trip to the Alps. Don’t forget that the price of travel during these months is generally much cheaper than other times of the year too!
No matter what time of year you choose to visit Samoëns and the Grand Massif you are guaranteed a very special experience.

Still not sure about summer, spring and autumn in the Alps? Watch our 'Summer in Samoëns' video for a small taste of what awaits!

Be sure to have a look through our portfolio of excellent summer chalets.

By booking via Alps Accommodation you’ll also be eligible for a number of savings and in-resort discounts. Check out our Family Savings page, which details how much guests can save by booking their stay through us.

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