Samoens and the Grand Massif Ski Lift and Piste News – October 2012

During the summer of 2012 Compagnie des Alpes, who manage the lift network in the Grand Massif have spent in the region of 10 million Euros improving the ski areas of Flaine, Samoens, Morillon and Sixt.  The main improvements are as follows:

The simplest, yet probably the most efficient improvement has been to cover the rocky and new slopes with top soil and grass seed. This means the piste can be skied on with less snow and kept open longer.  Simple but very effective!

Beginners and children –
1. A moving carpet! Skiing just got safer and easier at Samoens 1600 with the new fantastic moving carpet lift covered in a large clear tube which takes you back up the beginners run.  You simply walk on with your skis on and it takes you to the top of the piste.  Excellent for children and beginners as it keeps you dry if snowing and out of the wind.  It’s also so much simpler and safer to use than the existing drag lifts.  The ski instructors are over the moon as it will significantly reduce waiting time on the beginners run and make their lives a lot easier!
2. ESF have also built a second smaller carpet in their Jardin des Neiges for the very small children.
3. Redirection of an underground river to reduce melting of the snow on the green runs of Morillon.
4. Enlarging of the Marvel run in Morillon.  Plus new signs all the way down detailing information about the local wildlife with the occasional wooden cut out hiding in the woods along the run for the kids to spot.

Intermediates -
1. An increase in size of the area at the top of the Grand Massif Express.  Plus widening at the start of the descents back to Samoens.
2. The creation of a new piste ‘Chalet’ at Morillon just to the side of the Sairon lift.  Nice and wide sweeping run from the top to mid way down.  Cleverly built by removing the top soil, then carrying out the excavation work, then placing the soil back on and sowing seed.
3. Morillon’s Stade run has improved connection back to the Sairon so no more walking!
4. Increased size of the Cascades run down to Sixt.
5. Increased size of the Crete run in Morillon


Advanced - 
1.  A new red run ‘Parements’ out to the left of the Samoens ski domain.  The new piste cuts across the existing Aigle Noir black run high above the lake and re joins with the Dahu blue run.  A beautiful part of the ski domain now much more accessible. 
2. The entrance to the Lanche black run just off the Perce-Neige has been moved back towards the top of the Les Molliets lift.  The entrance is now in a much safer position, giving much better access to a lovely un-pisted bowl of powder!  

One of the biggest investments has been the Aup Deveran lift in Flaine, which has been replaced with an 8 seater high speed lift, almost doubling the capacity!!

There have been dozens of other smaller improvements over the summer from renovating the station of Chariande 2 to improving the area for the piste security staff to have lunch (Happy staff, makes safer pistes!). 

All this talk of skiing is getting me in the mood.  Think i'll get my skis out and give them a wax - bring on the winter!!