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Samoens and Grand Massif Improvements 2016/17

We've come to expect lots of great improvements in the Grand Massif year after year, and this year is no different as the Grand Massif continues to invest heavily in it's infrastructure. After a busy summer of hard work, here is a run down of what's changed:

•  A brand new 6 seater detachable chairlift "Tete des Saix" from Les Molliets in Les Carroz to the Tete des Saix in Samoens. This should significantly reduce congestion on the existing Les Molliets chairlift
•  The old 2 seat Demoiselles chairlift has been replaced with a new 6 seater chairlift which will ease traffic returning to the Samoens 1600 plateau during busy periods
•  The Plateau drag lift has been replaced with a new drag lift
•  The "Safety Kid" transport system has been extended to the Biollaires chairlift in Morillon and the Chariande 2 chairlift in Samoens
•  Installation of 33 snow cannons in the Grand Crêt area between Samoens 1600 and Vercland, plus piste remodelling work. This will mean more reliable cover on the ski down to Vercland.
•  Installation of 18 snow cannons on the Marveline piste and the lower section of the Marvel piste in Morillon
•  Installation of 3 snow cannons on the Timalets pistes, and 3 snow cannons on the Blanchot piste in Les Carroz
•  Improved instantaneous snow production for optimising cold spells
•  A new blue piste "Ecureil" on the Samoens Plateau
•  A new boardercross course "ZE CROSS" on the Mephisto piste in Flaine
•  The black Corbalanche piste has become a marked and patrolled freeride area
•  A new DVA Park to practice use of avalanche victim detector devices, in Les Carroz
•  Significant remodelling of the Portet piste linking Vernant in Samoens with Les Molliets in Les Carroz
•  A new piste groomer has been added to the Flaine fleet
•  All piste remodelling works have been reseeded using 290 tonnes of locally sourced compost. A test was carried out on the Parements piste in Samoens over the summer to determine the best mix and species of seed for a given orientation and altitude.
•  This autumn, the Grand Massif became the first ski area in the world to receive the Green Globe certification for sustainable tourism.

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