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Samoens & Grand Massif Improvements Winter 2019-20

As we've been busy enjoying another hugely successful summer here in Samoens, up in the Grand Massif ski area work has been raging on ahead of the incoming 2019-20 ski season. Investment this summer has focused strongly on artificial snow production which will provide a fantastic back up to the Grand Massifs impressive snow record.

New Reservoir, Samoens

A brand new reservoir will serve the Samoens / Coulouvrier areas, providing 35,000m3 of water to the Grand Massif's ever expanding snow making network. At a cost of €1.5m, it will help back up the areas already impressive snow record and offer the best possible early and late season conditions. The work is being carried out in conjunction with various partners to ensure minimum impact on the local flora and fauna, including the creation of new wetlands for the resident alpine newts.

New Snow Cannons, Flaine

Increased snow production on the Tourmaline piste with the installation of 7 snow guns and 5 fan cannons between the Veret drag lift and the top of the piste. The Serpentine piste has received 2 new snow guns on the final section before the Grand Vans chairlift. Finally, 2 new snow guns have been installed on the stadium piste.

New Snow Cannons in the The Giffre sector

Great news for the Marvel piste (one of our favourites!) with the installation of 12 new snow cannons on the final 1.2km of the piste. Elsewhere, there has been a doubling up of snow canons to increase production in several key areas, most notably the Demoiselles, Chars, and Aouia pistes.

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