Coulouvrier Chairlift Grand Massif

New Coulouvrier Chairlift in the Grand Massif Underway for Winter 2017/18

Great news for the Grand Massif!  Work has now started on a major new chairlift ready for Christmas 2017. Located in the Combe de Coulouvrier, between Samoens and Morillon, the new lift will be a high speed 6 seater chairlift. Starting at an altitude of 1161m rising to 2105m, travelling at approximately 6 m/s, skiers will travel a distance of 2850m in under 8 minutes! This lift will lead to some new pistes in Samoens and Morillon. The first piste, a blue, will descend from Samoens 1600, with the lift carrying up to 3000 skiers an hour.  This will provide great relief for the Chariande Express during busy times. The second blue piste will lead from the top of the Morillon ski area to the bottom of the Coulouvrier lift, providing quicker access for Morillon skiers to reach Flaine and the rest of the Grand Massif.

Major earth works are being undertaken at the Tete de Saix to allow for the increase in the numbers of skiers.  Maybe there is enough space for a new restaurant too?! (not confirmed). The new pistes will be equipped with snow cannons allowing for guaranteed connections. 2 new reservoirs are planned for this summer too, integrating with the natural environment, and with the potential to increase the amount of water available for snow cannons for the whole area by up to 10 times.

In line with the modernisation of the Grand Massif lift network, two of the slower, older lifts will be removed and replaced by this new lift. Firstly, La Lanche at Morillon (constructed in 1989) and secondly, Gouilles Rouges at Samoëns (constructed in 1981). The new speedy Coulouvrier lift will get more skiers higher, more quickly than the two older lifts put together, with more reliability during bad weather – can’t be all bad!

The image below (source: is an approximate representation of the new lift's position.  The two red pistes are yet to be confirmed to us, but as soon as we have more information, we will be sure to let you know.